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James Tan Immigration Advisory Service


Thank you for accessing our website. One of the most frequently asked questions by an intending migrant to Australia are "Why can't I apply to migrate to Australia without the assistance of an Immigration Lawyer or Consultant?" Of course you can!

You can simply pick up the forms from your nearest Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate, or Department of Immigration & Citizenship office and complete the questions and then submit the forms and sit back and hope for the best. Or you can do one of the many online applications available on the internet.

In spite of this there are hundreds of hopeful migrants who seek out the services of an immigration lawyer or professional to assist them to migrate to Australia. At James Tan Immigration Consultants our mission is to provide friendly professional advice and assistance until you succeed in your objective to migrate in Australia.


When you and your family arrive in Australia we are able to provide you through our contacts and associates with optional services to assist you and your family to settle in as quickly as possible. If you are a business migrant we are also able to assist you through our contacts to establish your business. The services we can assist you in or recommend you to are: -

  1. Taxation and accounting services;
  2. Home building or purchase;
  3. Schooling for your children;
  4. Banking;
  5. Travel arrangements to Australia;
  6. Investment or business opportunities;
  7. Any other queries you may have.


As soon as we receive your query whether by e-mail, fax or by any other means we will provide you with our undivided attention to ensure that your concerns and questions are answered.

Upon receiving your completed Assessment Form we will do one or more or the following: -

  1. Assess your chances of success or otherwise to migrate to Australia. If yours is a border line case we will advise you on how you can change your circumstances to increase your chance of success;
  2. Provide you with a second opinion on your chance of success if you have already received an opinion somewhere else that you are not completely satisfied with;
  3. Assist you to avoid costly mistakes based on gossip and rumour. We will be able to advise you to put in the necessary information to ensure you do not waste unnecessary time and expense which may not be refundable by the Australian Department of Immigration & Citizenship;
  4. Package your application in such a way that it is more presentable and convincing to the immigration officer processing your application. Australian immigration officers are only human and they do have a certain amount of discretion and flexibility. A well-presented application often does make the difference between approval and refusal by the officer assessing your application. At James Tan Immigration Consultants  we know how to package such applications;
  5. Advise you on the right category of visa to apply for. Quite often the difference between success or failure of your application depends on which visa category you should  apply for;
  6. Provide you with timely advice as to whether there is a time constraint in the category of visa you are applying for. If there is, we are able to expedite the lodgment of your application to ensure you meet the dateline for your application; and
  7. Advise you as to which Embassy, High commission, and Consulate or Department of Immigration & Citizenship office to lodge your application. Occasionally due to the residential status of an applicant, the choice of lodging the application at an Immigration Office, which may not have a huge backlog of applications, may mean that the application might be processed much faster.


Over the years since 1996 the firm of James Tan Immigration Consultants has assisted countless clients to successfully migrate to Australia. Many of them have provided him with letters of appreciation and testimonials praising the firm of the quality of its service. To read samples of those letters please click on Clients’ Testimonials page.

The advantages of instructing James Tan Immigration Consultants to help you prepare and present your application to immigrate to Australia are as follows: -

  1. Whilst Immigration Officers do not give any special treatment to applications submitted by Registered Migration Agents, it is a fact that due to our experience in preparing and presenting applications so as to make it easier for the immigration case officer to process, our applications may be processed much faster;
  2. By taking all the hassle out of your hands, we allow you, particularly if you are a very busy professional or business person to devote more time to your profession or business which you may find more cost effective in the long run;
  3. If you have a specific time frame in which to move to Australia to take up a position being offered to you or to take up a business opportunity, the cost of our fees may well be justified by the speedier realisation of the employment or business opportunity you wish to seize; and last but not least
  4. You can well take comfort in the knowledge that your application is in the competent hands of an immigration professional.
Our invitation to you to utilise our services is genuine. In return for your contribution to Australia's economy, your family and you will be given the opportunity to enjoy Australia's democratic system of government and healthy outdoor lifestyle.


The information contained in this web site is made available on the understanding that James Tan, his staff and consultants are not responsible for the results of any actions taken on the basis of the information supplied in this web site, nor for any errors or omissions.

As there are periodic changes to Australia's immigration laws, regulations and procedures, do not rely on the contents of this website without obtaining further verification from James Tan Immigration Consultants or the Australian Department of Immigration & Citizenship.

This website was updated on January 2009 and is correct as of the time of the update. Information contained in this website may change due to the changes in the law or personal circumstances of James Tan. Visitors to this website are welcome to contact James Tan or his Associates to verify any information contained in this website.