5 August-2016


There is no doubt Australia still maintains the number one position as one of the most favoured country for immigrants from all over the world. The question remains……“Why are people choosing to immigrate to Australia? Is it our climate? Our lifestyle? The wide and open spaces? Our multicultural society?

Why was Melbourne recently voted the world’s most livable city for a sixth consecutive year, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)? The reasons are many and some of them are listed below: –

Job Opportunities and Benefits in Australia

When in search of a better life, many potential immigrants choose to immigrate to Australia for a number of different reasons. One reason is that the economy is still growing in this country, unlike certain other countries around the world. As a result, job opportunities exist for those who have the right qualifications and skills. While this fact is an enormous plus for certain immigrants, the various ethnic backgrounds of people who live in harmony together in Australia draws others. Still others move to Australia to enjoy the various outdoor activities that Australia has to offer throughout the year. Australia is so huge that one can be skiing in the Australian Alps and in a couple of hour’s later swim in one of our beautiful beaches in Queensland.

Australia’s Economy Is Growing

Research shows that Australia’s economy is above average and about 72 percent of our residents aged 15 to 64 are gainfully employed. Since Australia belongs to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development or OECD, Australia is able to compare its statistics in this area to that of other member countries. The result is that Australia is ahead of the average of 66 percent employment rate for this same age range in the other countries that belong to within the OECD.

A Culturally Diverse Country

Australia is a culturally diverse country with a wide assortment of ethnic backgrounds. In fact, one out of every four residents in Australia come from another country to make their home here and about one in two residents in Australia is likely to have at least one parent born in another country. Therefore you will never feel out of place as an immigrant in Australia. It will benefit you, though, to be able to speak English fluently. If not when you arrive here, then shortly afterwards. Therefore non-English speaking immigrants are actively encouraged by the Government to learn at least to be able to speak English.

Low Air Pollution

Australia has a low level of air pollution. According to the OECD the average pollution rate among its member countries is 20.1 micrograms of tiny air pollutant particles or PM10 for each cubic metre of air. In comparison, our country is 13.1 micrograms of PM10 for each cubic metre of air, which signifies that the air in Australia purer and healthier to breathe.

Outdoor Activities Are Plentiful in Australia

For the outdoor enthusiasts, Australia offers a wide variety of activities, such as:-

  • Camping
  • Exploring the vast outback
  • Beaches for sunbathing and water activities, such as swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling and surfing
  • Skydiving
  • National parks
  • White water rafting
  • The Victorian Alps for skiing
  • Hiking

A Great Sense of Community

The last but certainly not least benefit that we share with you for immigrating to Australia is the sense of community that the citizens of Australia have for each other. Australians care for each other. We follow our age old saying… “We look after our mates.”

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