30 August-2017

Do you really need a job sponsor in order to get a work visa in australia?

Australia has become one of the most favored expat destinations, offering newcomers from many different countries an average of over 240 days of bright sunshine per year and the possibility of finding a better paying job position compared to what workers can find in many other countries around the globe. Today, over 1.2 million UK citizens are living in Australia and enjoying life in many diverse locations within this immense and highly attractive country.

Melbourne has maintained the ranking of the most attractive city to call home in the world for the seventh straight year, and Sydney, Perth and Adelaide all ranked within the top eight cities in this same category. However, many people who are considering making a move to this multi-faceted and fascinating country with its many diverse cultures, stunning urban skylines and panoramic landscapes are concerned about the process of obtaining a visa to live and work in Australia.

Is It Necessary to Have a Job Sponsor in Order to Get a Work Visa in Australia?

Although finding a job sponsor in the city or region of Australia where you want to live can be an ideal way of securing a good job for which you are already trained and well-suited while obtaining a work visa, there are several other different types of visas that you may quality for. By reviewing Australia’s skilled occupations list, you can determine what type of workers are in highest demand today. If your current profession or occupation appears on this list, you can try making an expression of interest, which may lead to and Australian territory or a state to sponsor you to move to a certain locale to live and work. Visa types commonly obtained by newcomers to live and work in Australia include the following:

  • Temporary Work Skilled Visa (Subclass 457 Visa). – This visa enables specific companies or businesses to sponsor workers from other countries for as long as four years if their particular job skills are needed. By consulting the “Combined List of Eligible skilled Occupations” you can determine whether or not your skills and current line of work qualify for this type of visa. People from abroad with professions like nursing or engineering are usually accepted very easily for a 457 Visa. College students can also apply to study for two years at a university in Australia to gain eligibility for a temporary graduate visa, which will make it possible for them to remain in the country and work during the 18 months when their visa application is granted.
  • Working Holiday Visa. – Anyone less than 31 years of age whose current occupation is not included on Australia’s skilled occupation list or who cannot locate a job before relocating to Australia can apply for a Working Holiday Visa. This type of visa will permit you to reside in the country and work at a job for one year. The main drawback to this visa is that it only allows you to be employed by an employer for up to six months and then you need to move on to another employer.
  • Family Sponsored or Partner Visas. – An individual who is sponsored by relatives in Australia or is married to or is the partner of an Australian citizen or permanent resident can usually qualify for this type of visa. This visa, in general, waives working requirements or restrictions for applicants. Fiancés of Australian permanent residents or citizens are also eligible to apply for this visa.

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