21 July-2017

Don’t get caught in an australian visa scam: consult only with legitimate immigration lawyers

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection has issued an alert to those who desire to immigrate to Australia in order to protect them from visa scams. The department issued this warning after receiving complaints that phone callers are requesting funds to expedite the progress of applications for visas. They even introduce themselves with their first name and claim to be with the Department, which is not true. Receivers of these calls state that the phone number looks official on top of this.

As part of this alert, the Department states that it will never request payment from potential immigrants over the phone. The Department also advises that anyone who is contacted in this manner to report the phone call to the Department using its citizenship and immigration online report. The people perpetrating these scams are only out for your personal information or property along with your money. All scams of this nature are illegal and can dash your hopes and dreams of immigrating to our great country when you fall for them.

Of course, other methods of scamming may also occur besides the phone ones such as through emails, internet or via Australian Post. While certain scams are easy to spot, others may be so subtle that they appear to be the real thing. To avoid these visa scams, you should only consult with a legitimate immigration lawyer. You should even ask for proof of the lawyer’s credentials such as his or her MARA registration number.

Certain people may not only ask you for money to process a visa application, but they also may provide you with the wrong information at the same time. Do not allow people to misrepresent the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Present scams include:

  • ETA work scams
  • Phone scams
  • Maritime scams
  • Email scams
  • Online romance and dating scams
  • Job offer scams
  • Gold or gold romance scams

You can click here for in-depth information about how to protect you from immigration scams and frauds. Also, you can trust our firm of James Tan Immigration Consultants to provide you with accurate visa information and legitimate assistance with your visa applications. We will analyse your situation and explain which visas you are eligible to apply for in Australia. Also, we will help you to complete and file all the necessary paperwork with the proper authorities and follow up to check on the progress of your applications. Our firm never scams or defrauds those who need our help.

Our mission is to assist all our clients to immigrate to Australia in a timely, helpful and effective manner.

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