Parent Visa Applications

We have come to know Mr. Tan as being efficient, reliable, and trustworthy in his dealings with us. He is highly knowledgeable with immigration laws and has always endeavoured to advise us according to what he thinks would be in the best interest of my parents.

We would like to thank Mr. Tan for all his help and acknowledge his wisdom and experience in these matters. We also want to give our Lord Jesus Christ the glory for without him nothing is possible.

Adeline – Singapore

We would like to extend our grateful thanks for your patience and understanding throughout the whole process starting from application of retirement visa and later to this Permanent Resident visa. There had been times when there were delays and misunderstandings on our part and never once did you retaliate angrily over that.

We would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone whom we know that may be of need of your services. We take this opportunity to wish you future success and God’s choicest blessing on you and your family.

Edward & Shirley - Singapore

Spouse, Defacto & Prospective Marriage Visa Applications

My case was very difficult to say the least & having James on our side, guiding us and fighting for me and my family to be together resulted in a successful application, especially when the odds were not in our favour to begin with. His very personable approach to both my family and the DIBP made the experience extremely positive. I did not feel like just another client, and he actually cared about the outcome and how it affected my family. James is highly skilled, thorough and meticulous with applications and the service and outcome we received is second to none. I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking immigration consultancy.

Michael - USA

For over 6 months , we have had extremely horrible experience with our previous migration agent, who did not practise any integrity or professionalism at all. we felt totally cheated of our valuable time and money. Then we turned to James for help during our most desperate and helpless time. We are grateful of your reliability, proactivity, and most importantly, your morality. We would like to express our greatest thanks and appreciation to you for your professional work. Thanks for all your support, patience and utmost dedication to turn such a mess into a miracle. You are our life saver.

Felix & Yvonne - Hong Kong

When we first met, James radiates that certain air of the consummate professional where that same level of business acumen, tenacity and never say never attitude was the catalyst of having our cause be given a fair hearing and a positive outcome for which we are very grateful. James, we thank you sincerely. Our lives are forever changed for the better as a result of your efforts.

Paul and Leong (same sex couple)- Malaysia

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance in the application of my Spouse Visa. From the onset we were very happy with your services. You were helpful, thorough and informative whilst helping us to fill in the appropriate paperwork and collate the relevant documents and keeping us updated with the progress of our application. It came through a lot sooner than we expected. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone. Thanks again.

Jon & Sarah – United Kingdom

I just wanted to write these few short words to thank you for your help in obtaining my Spouse visa. From the start you maintained an extremely professional attitude towards my needs.

The Department of Immigration caused some unusual delays in the processing of my visa application. During these delays you constantly emailed and phoned them to see what the problem was. Ultimately your persistence paid off in the form of the visa being granted without further hassles or required documentation, etc.

Liubov – Russia

James role in this successful application was certainly a significant factor. His timeliness, attention to detail, and thorough nature makes him ideal for such an undertaking. I found the entire experience a whole lot easier, thanks to the way James organizes himself, and his obvious experience in this area. (I had previously gone part-way trying to apply on my own).

Ronald – Zimbabwe

Mai and I would like to express our sincere thanks for your assistance in obtaining a fiancée visa for her from Myanmar. Your meticulous preparation of our case enable us to comply with the endless list of paperwork required. Your impeccable attention to details allowed us to build our case and present it in a format that met the requirements of the Department of Immigration & Citizenship. We appreciate your professionalism but also your high level of commitment, throughout the application process. Once again we extend our gratitude.

Nandor & Mai – Myanmar

Please accept our appreciation for your professional help on my visa application. Alan and I were happy with your prompt work. We consider that my visa was processed and approved so smoothly because of your experienced professional work. With your expert advice and clear direction, we found no major difficulties for my visa application. Even when I was in Japan, I had no concern about the preparation of my visa because you provided constant feedback and made necessary arrangements. Your work was truly trustworthy. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs expert help.

Maki- Japan

I like to take this opportunity to “thank you very much” for your professional support. I have thoroughly enjoyed dealing with you because of your friendly service, patience and father-like support thought the application process. The result of my application is evidence of your impeccable attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge of the immigration legislation and procedures. With your help I was able to marry the man of my dreams and embark on my new life in Australia with confidence.

I would like your potential clients to know that you were an honourable guest at our wedding because of our high respects to you as a friend and solicitor. I hope you have enjoyed my wedding as much as we have appreciated you celebrating it with us.

I have no qualms in recommending anyone to you because of your integrity and professionalism.

Hee Sook - South Korea

Citizenship Applications

This testimonial is dedicated to you and your staff for the wonderful and professional work carried out in obtaining my Australian citizenship by descent. Since a first made contact with you, you have shown unselfish commitment in obtaining my citizenship. Whoever logs into your website, as I did initially, and reads this testimonial, I say to them do not look any further. They will not get better service than I did anywhere. Thanks again James and my regards to you and your family and staff.

Ian - South Africa

Migration Review Tribunal Applications

I approached James on behalf of my sister and brother in law after the second day's hearing of their review application at the Migration Review Tribunal. The Tribunal's comments were scathing of the incompetent way my brother in law's migration agent handled the application and adjourned the case to another day. I immediately sacked the migration agent and then approached 5 different immigration lawyers all of them declined to take over the case and a couple also advised me that my brother in law's best chance would be at the Federal Court which would be a very expensive affair. Meeting James after all these setbacks was fantastic as he gave us hope that we still had a chance of succeeding. James spent many hours listening to the transcripts of the previous two days' hearing and then wrote a very professional, well researched and logical and cogent submission and that resonated with the Presiding Member and ultimately swayed him to remit the matter to the Case Officer with the view to granting my brother in law's wife her visa. I would not hesitate to recommend James to any person needing help in any immigration matter including applications to the Migration Review Tribunal.

Hannah - Australia

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa Applications

As a business professional I highly appreciate working together with someone like you, who offered excellent service from the early beginning, i.e. the right advice for starting the application as well as timeliness and accurate answer throughout the whole process.

I think for business people the advice of an immigration lawyer is absolutely worth the money spent as a professional immigration lawyer can do the right things at the right time and therefore gave us the good feeling that we could concentrate on all other private and business matters linked with a move to another country.

I will recommend you as a person as well as your office to anyone who needs professional immigration advice for moving to Australia.

Andreas And Lisa - Germany

We hope these couple of lines are not read as one of the usual ‘thank you letters,’ but as our honest and true feelings about your expertise and services. Not only did you arrange and process all necessary application and documentation in an extremely professional manner, but in particular your experience and accuracy in combination with your special sensitiveness to recognise the best possible approaches, has made us feel very comfortable and confident during the whole application process.

To become permanent residents in Australia was a very important issue to us, as it does give us a new direction in life and provides peace of mind to our family. For this reason we consider ourselves lucky to have consulted you from the very beginning to arrange this important step in life for us.

It was certainly not only your professionalism and experience to achieve the set out goal, but it was your patient and amicable way of working with us, which made it easy for us. For this reason, we would without any hesitation, recommend to anyone to make use of your experience and comprehensive knowledge.

Jacqueline, Jordan and Christian – Austria

Thank you for your excellent counsel and service in enabling us to obtain permanent residency in Australia. All along we knew that it was going to be an uphill task in view of the fact that I am 60 and I don’t have any formal qualifications for the pastoral position in our church.

We acknowledge divine help in this matter and are surely thankful to our God in leading us to you so that we could get the most able professional service – first in my obtaining the work visa two years ago and now this permanent residency.

On behalf of my wife and myself, we would like to say that we are greatly indebted to you.

Kim Hiang - Singapore

From the time that Sebastien said that he had made contact with you. and on reading the questionnaire that you used when attaining information about the applicant, I was impressed. It gave me the insight to what was a very professional operation. As the person applying for the nomination, your guidance and advice through the process of creating the application, was really polished and put the answers in the best light to get a positive result.

Alan & Louis - Australia

Temporary Work Skilled Visa Applications

I was delighted to receive the confirmation letter from the DIMIA stating that my application to migrate to Australia has been approved.

I like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your patience with me and your professional support. It was a pleasure to have you by my side the whole process and of course I will ask you to do the final application for permanent residence in due time

Kathleen – Germany

To be honest my wife and I were in great doubt as to succeeding again in our application.

Your extensive experience, your knowledge of dealing with the Department of Immigration, your way to word arguments and facts to convince the case officer in charge is unique. Eventually that has made the application successful, not just for 2 years as expected, even for 4 years and even as it has been an exceptional case due to my age being beyond 45 years.

Consequently we now are in the position to work hard to fulfill the requirements for our future application for permanent residency. Of course, in about two years time we will ask you to do our final application and we will recommend you whenever we are asked for an immigration lawyer.

Lothar And Gabrielle – Germany

Student Visa Cancellation Waiver Applications

Thank you so very much for finally putting a good end to a very frustrating and demoralizing journey. My family and I cannot but express our gratitude for the work you have done. After being turned down by two other immigration agents and failing in my first attempt to apply for a waiver, it is nothing short of a miracle, what you had done. I will never regret the day I found your website by doing a Google search.

Once again, and forever always, thank you for giving me the opportunity to return to Melbourne. I will gladly act as a reference for your service at any time. I wish you and your family a very prosperous time ahead.

Mark – Malaysia

General Skilled Migration Visa Applications

We were initially skeptical of our chances of success as our first attempt with another agency in Singapore was unsuccessful. However, James’ professionalism, knowledge and experience in immigration process quickly put my wife and me at ease.

James helped us in every step of the way, systematically and very clearly going through everything in great detail. He was always prompt with his straightforward answers to our questions. We were treated with utmost respect and we didn’t feel like we were just another case.

We are truly grateful to James for all his efforts he had extended in making our successful application a painless and enjoyable experience. We have no hesitation in recommending James to those who may also want to join us make Melbourne their home.

Anthony & Siew – Singapore

Saya ingin berterima kasih kepada Bpk James Tan atas pertolongannya sehingga saya bisa mendapatkan visa permanent resident Australia saya dalam waktu yang relatif singkat, hanya 9 hari.

Dari pertama anda telah benar-benar membantu saya dengan menjelaskan persyaratan-persyaratan untuk menjadi permanent resident dengan jelas, sehingga memudahkan saya untuk menyiapkan documen-documen yang diperlukan. Dan juga anda menjelaskan dengan jelas langkah-langkah yang perlu saya lajukan sehingga proses persiapan aplikasi permanent resident saya menjadi lancar dan tampa halangan yang berarti. Usaha anda yang terus konstan berhubungan dengan saya juga sangat membanatu saya dalam mengetahui perkembangan aplikasi permanent resident saya.

Akhir kata saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih sekali lagi atas segala usaha dan upaya Bpk James Tan sehingga saya dapat memperoleh status permanent resident.

Note: The above letter was written by a client in the Indonesian language whose GSM visa application was approved in 9 days from date of lodgment.

Syailendra - Indonesia

Since we were living in Hong Kong all our contact went email, which has never been a problem. James always responded to our emails quickly and professionally, usually well within 24 hours. He thoroughly guided us through the whole process and his assistance proved very effective. In August 2006 our application was lodged and was approved in April 2007.

We are obviously extremely pleased with this outcome, and we are certain that this is something we would not have been able to achieve without James help. It has been a pleasure working with him, as he always proved very friendly, patient and most of all very experienced. Therefore we can strongly recommend James’ services to anyone considering applying for an Australian visa.

Nicole & Wil – Belgium

You have always kept me informed of the progress of my application. I can understand that at certain times I have bothered you by asking about the status of my application when you have already informed me about it the week before. You have always been patient with me and explained every question that I had.

Thank you once again for your advice and effort in obtaining my PR. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Muammar - Bangladesh

We have worked with other immigration lawyers before and by far, you are the best one. You are very punctual, persistent and very knowledgeable about the laws and procedure. The timeline that you have given us is exactly what happened and your instructions are very precise and very clear. It prevents any delays in processing the application and any confusion. We would definitely recommend you to anybody who requires immigration to Australia.

Nicolaus & Fifi – Indonesia

Indeed the news came as a great Christmas gift for my whole family and me. To be honest, we had a very nice surprise when we were caught by the swiftness of the outcomes, taking into account that Marie Claire’s approval came just a few days earlier.

We are sincerely and deeply appreciative of the first class professional service that you offered us over the last ten months during which the application was processed.

Patrice – Mauritius

After having been recommended by Jan I feel I must write and thank you for the excellent service I received from you as my Immigration Lawyer during my successful application for Trade Skill assessment and Permanent Residency in Australia.

Your actions were always very prompt, efficient and I was kept fully informed of every stage throughout. In addition you made the form filling as easy as is possible, including helping and advising me on the provision of additional material that aided the speedy and successful conclusion of my application.

I always felt we were working as part of a team, as opposed to a client/lawyer situation, with you always having my best interest as your goal.

Colin- United Kingdom

I would like to express my sincere appreciation in writing to thank you for your unqualified support and assistance in helping me to obtain my permanent residence visa.

It is an important turning point towards a better life for me to become a permanent resident in Australia as it not only provides a piece of mind but also to be able to stay close to families.

Your professionalism, experience and also excellent client service skills has made it easy for me to understand the progress of the application, hence, always remain comfortable and confident during the whole application process.

I would strongly recommend to my friends or anyone to make use of your migration consultation services without hesitation.

Fee Hin- Japan

Firstly thank you very much for expediting my permanent residency with much patience and diligence. I sigh with relief with this hurdle over and am preparing to make my initial entry to Australia.

Quite a number of my business associates and friends have asked me for your contact address and telephone number……so expect them to call on you.

Oh!! If I might add it’s been great having you as my migration agent.

Alan- Malaysia

Right from our first meeting you took the time and effort to explain all the procedures involved in submitting our application. Your help in getting my skills assessed was particularly helpful.

Apart from this, your constant updates on the progress of our application were appreciated. In addition to this your advice on where to finally move to in Australia was very useful. Now that we have been granted our Permanent Residency we are in the process of settling all our matters here in Malaysia and look forward to move to Australia later this year.

Uma – Malaysia

Our application on our own was held up for almost 2 years. It had reached a point where we were about to give up hope but luckily we met James during a migration talk at the Cititel in Penang. Knowing his capability of reviving our "long dead" application, we decided to engage him to re-look into our case and it only took him another 6 months to get our application approved. Without him we would be still be waiting and groping in the dark. Now, Australia here we come!

Elaine & Pei Wen - Penang, Malaysia

Business Skills Visa Applications

We want to express a special thank you for going on a business trip to Moscow for that interview. It definitely was worth it and we appreciate that you made time and agreed to travel such a long way to help our application to get one step closer to its approval.

We would strongly recommend you to anyone who might need a migration agent in the future because we know you are a determined and dedicated person who would make sure that everything is done right in order to get any application approved.

Thank you for making our dream come true.

Igor & Lyudmila – Russia

My family & I were so much excited as we got the great message from you. Actually speaking we never expected that our Migration visa will be approved so quickly it wouldn’t have been possible if anyone else handled our case instead of you.

I should mention that you have been so patient to bear with my negligence and not being prompt in sending the documents and details required by you at various times.

Thank you for all what you have done and we are anxious to meet you after we come to Australia. We will be very much pleased to contact you for consultancy for us & our friends in future.

Ravi – Sri Lanka

I want to thank you for the excellent service you have provided me not only in my initial application for the Business Skills Visa but also for your guidance to me during my 36 month probation period in submitting the survey forms to the Immigration Department. My family and I are now considered by the Australian Department of Immigration as bona fide permanent residents of Australia.

During the application process you have always kept me informed of the progress and your submission to the Department of Immigration have been very thorough and complete. Your service throughout has been superb and first class and I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to my German friends in the future.

Gerd & Veronique - Germany

I was delighted to receive the confirmation letter from the DIMIA stating that our application to migrate to Australia has been approved.

This is the culmination of months of hard work and dedication on your behalf. Even during the times when obtaining this visa seemed a daunting task, you persevered and always assured me that we would succeed. Without these words of encouragement & your positive & thoroughly professional attitude, I would have thrown in the towel long time ago.

It is rare in this day and age to find a person such as yourself. Not only do you provide a professional service for a realistic fee, you also care for the client’s feelings and thoughts, an enviable trait I must say.

It has been a pleasure working together with you, and I will not hesitate in recommending you and the services you provide to anyone seeking migration to Australia. Once again, a big thank you from my family and myself.

Roy - United Kingdom

I am writing to thank you for your assistance in helping us to obtain a standard business sponsorship thus enabling our restaurant to employ a chef from India.

I am happy to inform you that our restaurant has already begun to reap the benefits of employing another specialized chef. We appreciate the advice on what documentation were required, what our responsibilities are as a business sponsor and your help in selecting the right candidate for our business.

Good luck and we look forward to seeking your assistance once again when our business grows and we need to expand.

Peter – Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Retirement Visa Applications

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude, for your prompt action on our retirement visa application. With your professional expertise in this field, we will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends.

We wish you all the best and success for now and in the near future. We’ll keep in touch.

Jack – Singapore

Remaining Relative Visa Applications

I wish to take this opportunity to express my profound thanks and appreciation in your swift and efficient handling of my immigration process. I have found your services to be highly professional, trustworthy and reliable.

You have made it such an easy and painless procedure! It certainly wasn’t what I had expected due to the many hairy personal experiences that I had heard from other sources.

What a pleasure it will be to move to Australia! Thank you so so much! With your permission, I would be most happy to refer your name to my friends and contacts here in Malaysia who required a good immigration consultant.

Vivien - Malaysia

Professional Accreditations