19 October-2017

Proposed draconian citizenship changes defeated at The senate

I am pleased to inform all non-citizens of Australia wishing to become Australian citizens that the Minister of Immigration & Border Protection, the Hon. Peter Dutton’s crackdown on citizenship Law was defeated by the Senate yesterday. For a full update please click on the link

This means the unreasonable and draconian proposed English Language changes requiring a score equivalent to “Competent Level” of 6.0 points in each of the 4 bands of the IELTS Test will not be applicable. Also the requirement of chalking up at least 4 years residence in Australia as a “permanent resident visa holder” is also not required. Had the proposed English Language Test been passed by the Senate yesterday that would have deprived many deserving and law abiding immigrants from non-English speaking backgrounds from ever becoming Australian citizens and consign them forever as second class residents of Australia.

It is my view that a substantial number of our State and Federal Members of Parliament would also not be able to attain this same score if they are required to sit for an English Language test to attain up to “Competent Level” in the IELTS Test before being able to stand for election. Yet they are “considered” fit to be custodians of our law without any surety that they are “Competent Level” English language speakers but we all know the fitness or rather unfitness of some of our members of Parliament that currently represent us in Parliament.

With the defeat of Peter Dutton’s draconian proposed changes that means the current criteria to apply for Australian citizenship still stands which are:

  1. You must have resided in Australia for a minimum of four years as a lawful resident of which one year in the four years must be as a permanent resident visa holder. Lawful residence can mean residing in Australia on a temporary residence visa such as on a student visa or any other substantive visa.
  2. At the time of lodgement of your citizenship application you must have resided in Australia for at least 9 months in the last 12 months.
  3. You must be of good character and not have a serious criminal background since being granted your permanent residence.
  4. You are required to sit and pass a multi choice citizenship test and score 80%.

For those of my clients who took the risk to engage my services since 20 April 2017 to apply for your Australian citizenship you can now relax and rest easy as your applications will now be processed under the current criteria. To those of you who were undecided because of the proposed changes that are no longer applicable, I strongly advise you to contact me immediately to lodge your Australian citizenship applications if you already meet the current criteria. Peter Dutton has indicated that he has not given up and will continue to pursue his agenda to tighten up citizenship requirements to become Australian citizens.

For further information about citizenship applications or assistance with any immigration matters, consult with James Tan Immigration Consultants. We are dedicated to making the process of immigration to this country less stressful.

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