24 May-2017

Student Visa System in Australia: Most Common Reasons for Refusal and Rejection

While many students qualify for student visas to study in Australia each year, numerous ones also receive refusal notices. Before you apply for one of these visas, it may be wise to learn why these refusals happen to improve your chances of acceptance if at all possible. We list below what we believe are the most common reasons for refusal and rejection of Australian student visas.

Incorrect or Incomplete Documents

Your application may be rejected if you fill out the visa application documents incorrectly or overlook answering certain items. Double check all your paperwork to ensure that it is acceptable. Australian authorities have strict standards for who they issue student visas to and it all starts with the application process.

Past Misdeeds

At times, students just try to get into the country and have no real plans to attend universities to further their education. They even may have performed this same act in other countries. As a result, their misdeeds are on record, and the Australian authorities will discover this fact and reject their visa applications. You should never think that you can misrepresent the truth to receive a student visa without facing consequences.

Failure to Meet Requirements

Before you apply for a student visa in Australia, you need to understand that you need to meet the following requirements to receive approval for your application:

  • Be a Genuine Temporary Entrant or GTE
  • Be proficient in the English language
  • Meet the necessary financial requirements
  • Meet the necessary character and health requirements

Note: Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in a refusal instead of an approval of your student visa application.

Genuine Temporary Entrant or GTE

Most student visa applicants may be interviewed and also be required to write a statement to explain why he or she wishes to come to Australia to study. If the information provided during the interview or in the statement does not meet the GTE requirement then the visa application is likely to be refused.

What is GTE or Genuine Temporary Entrant?

The GTE criteria is an integrity measure used by the Department of Immigration to ensure that the student visa programme is used as intended and not as a way for international students to maintain ongoing residency in Australia. The GTE requirement applies to all student visa applicants.

The factors that are considered during assessment of the genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement include: your personal circumstances in your home country, your potential circumstances in Australia, the value of the course to your future, your immigration history, and any other matter that is relevant to your intention to remain in Australia temporarily. If you are a minor the intentions of your parent, legal guardian or spouse will also be considered.

The test adopted by the Department of Immigration is a subjective test and not an objective one. For that reason and since quite a number of Immigration Case Officers are “Gate Keepers” who are determined to find a reason to refuse your application you are advised to use the professional services of a competent migration lawyer to act for you in your student visa application.

Another reason for refusal of your student visa application is if you have a lengthy gap without attending school or working at a job when you cannot offer a valid explanation.

You Have No Clear Plan for Your Education in Australia

Authorities also may reject your application if you are not sure of your course of study or a definite university in mind to attend during your stay in Australia. You must make clear plans when it comes to both of these elements before applying for a student visa to show that you are taking the matter as seriously as possible.

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