10 March-2017

The Best Places in Australia that Would Give You all the Reasons to Immigrate to Australia

Australia is the land of opportunity, which is why many professional people from all over the world want to make this great land their new home. The Australian government welcomes those who desire to make a new home here, especially for those who have professions that are in demand in this ever-growing nation, as well as all types of trades people are needed throughout the country.

If you have an interest in Australia, as a new potential home, then there are attractive places in the country that may convince you of a reason to immigrate here. Listed below are some of the best places in Australia that would give any qualified professional or trades person a reason to immigrate.

The Best Places in Australia that Would Give You Reasons to Immigrate

Australia is a huge country, and there are many diverse and beautiful places that can appeal to anyone’s lifestyle. Some of the best places to live and work are in the major cities, such as the following:-

Sydney – the country’s largest city is known for its iconic harbour and sandy beaches. It is definitely an alluring place to live, as it has everything a person could wish for – employment opportunities, modern living accommodations, cultural diversity of its residents, warm climate, vibrant nightlife, and natural beauty that is well-known throughout the world.

Places of special interest in Sydney:-

Sydney Opera House – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the most well-known landmark in Australia.

Sydney Tower – the second tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere, stands at 309 meters tall, with three high-speed elevators that can reach the top in only 40 seconds, and offer a 360 degree view of the city.

Melbourne – The city has the second largest population and is comfortably located on the banks of the Yarra River. It is considered the sporting capital of the country, and boasts the best nightlife venues and restaurants. In fact, it has been labeled as one of the world’s most livable cities by the well-known and respected magazine ‘The Economist.”

Places of special interest in Melbourne: –

Saint Paul’s Cathedral – a preserved Neo-Gothic building built between the years 1880 to 1931, with impressive banded stonework, a timber roof, and polychromatic brickwork, complete with a massive pipe organ.

Eureka Tower – an impressive skyscraper, located in the Southbank precinct, it stands at 297.3 meters from the ground and is built over a historic site where the Eureka Stockade rebellion occurred. It is home to 556 residential apartments, and boasts 13 lifts, 3,680 stairs, and 52,000m² of windows, and an observation deck that is a popular tourist destination – Skydeck 88.

Moving to a new country is a big step, and being well-informed about the best places to live will definitely help you to make that decision. Thankfully, you have help available. Here at James Tan Immigration Consultants we can answer any question you may have regarding Australia’s immigration process.

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