29 September-2016

The Importance of Immigration Assistance and Consultancy Services When Applying to immigrate to Australia

People consider immigrating to Australia for a variety of reasons, including job opportunities, Australia’s cultural diversity, life style, educational benefits, low cost of living, and our clean environment. In addition, Australia has a long history of welcoming immigrants from all over the world, and is an English-speaking country. This does not mean, though, that the process in applying for and receiving the necessary visa to accomplish this move is easy to navigate through without professional assistance. Luckily, people can receive immigration assistance and consultancy services from professionals, such as James Tan Immigration Consultants.

Learn from us if you are a Viable Immigration Candidate

Not everyone is an acceptable candidate for an Australian visa. We will analyse your situation and determine whether or not your visa application will gain approval. While there are a variety of visas that you can apply for, each one has its own criteria that you must fulfil to earn approval.

Our Experts Explain Australia Immigration Laws to You

Professionals with our company will explain in detail the nuances of the immigration laws in Australia in simple language in order for you to understand them without issue. The way the authorities draft the laws, the average person can have difficulty comprehending their meaning.

We Assist You with All the Necessary Paperwork

Since we are immigration experts, we will help you with any required paperwork for the type of visa that you are applying for to immigrate to Australia. Once all the necessary paperwork with the information and signatures are completed, we will file your application with the Australian Department of Immigration for their approval.

Consultants from Our Company Follow up on your Application

Once we lodge your application for you, we follow up on it to keep track of its progress. We will keep you informed throughout the process until you receive a visa or a refusal. In certain cases, our experts can appeal a refusal decision to the Immigration Review Tribunal or even to a Higher Reviewing Authority.

Fees Are at Competitive Rates

Our fees are affordable and are at competitive rates. For these fees, we offer expert assistance with your efforts to immigrate to Australia. In fact, our James Tan knows the process well since he was once was an immigrant to Australia himself.

You should not underestimate the importance of immigration assistance and consultancy services applying to immigrate to Australia. Our expert advice and professional services help to streamline the visa application process in order for you to receive your visa in a timely, efficient manner. For any further inquiries specific to your situation you are welcome to contact James Tan Immigration Consultants.

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