11 November-2016

Understanding Australian Immigration Laws

Australia is a country that offers excellent job or study opportunities, a unique way of life, cultural diversity and other benefits. If you are considering to come to study or immigrate to this country, you must ensure that you avoid any unlawful activity but rather conform with the terms and conditions of your visa status when you arrive here. If you fail to do so, it can negatively affect your ability to study or the type of job you will be able to work at, where you can live and lead to deportation from Australia.

1. Visas Are Necessary to Enter Australia

In this country, you need a student visa to attend our schools or universities. If you come to this country illegally or your student visa runs out, you can lose out on your education and suffer other consequences. Nowadays visa labels are no longer issued and pasted onto your passport and therefore if you are holding a student or work visa it is vitally important that you diarise the expiry date of your student or work visa somewhere to remind you to renew your work or student visa or leave Australia on time before the expiry date. Failure to do so may lead to a 3 year ban from entering Australia from the date of your last departure from Australia.

2. The Australian Companies or Employers Will Not Hire You

If you do not hold a proper work visa, most Australian companies or employers will not hire or offer you employment. If you are lucky enough to gain employment it is likely your employer is an unscrupulous one and will offer you very low wages and pay you in cash and your will have no work security at all. You also run the risk of having your work place be raided by Department of Immigration and Border Protection officers that could result in you being deported eventually.

3. You May Find It Difficult to Live a Fulfilling Life

When you constantly fear the possibility of being discovered as an unlawful resident connected with your presence in this country, you will have difficulty living a fulfilling life. In these circumstances you will constantly be trying to dodge the authorities continually and move around as much as possible. That is no way to be living in Australia. Discovery and arrest will lead to your detention in one of Australia’s numerous draconian detention centres and eventual deportation.

4. The Government Might Detain or Even Deport You

The Australian government has the right to detain you when it discovers there is a problem with your visa that you fail to resolve in the correct manner. You will be given a chance to apply for a visa when your circumstances are suitable. If you cannot resolve the issue, the government can deport you back to the country from when you came.

5. Australia May Prohibit Your Return When You Are Deported

In severe cases, the Australian government will prohibit your reentry into this country when it has previously deported you. You may miss the chance to ever take advantage of this country’s benefits and opportunities again when this occurs to you. For example the Australian Government has made the announcement that any person that enters Australia illegally be sea will never be issued with a visa to enter Australia for life.

To prevent any of the above unpleasant situations affecting your immigration status in Australia, consult with James Tan Immigration Consultants. We can assist you will all categories of the visas that Australia offers to ensure that you understand the regulations for the visa you wish to apply for to increase your chances of acceptance for entry to Australia. Our experts stay with you through the entire visa process from start to finish in case the government requires additional information until your visa application is approved.

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