1 February-2017

Why Is the Points System Important in Australian Immigration Procedures?

Australian immigration procedures are in place to help regulate permanent migration to the country in an equitable and fair manner. Australia limits visas to approximately 190,000 each year. A high percentage of these are for skilled workers, professionals and business migrants, but the rest are set aside for humanitarian and family applicants. Skilled applicants fall into two categories, namely independent and state sponsored. These applicants will need to select an occupation from the country’s Skilled Occupation List or SOL. All those who apply will need to pass the country’s points’ system test as part of their application process.

Overview of the Points System

The goal of the points system is to assist the authorities with the selection of the skilled immigrants in order to choose the ones who will be of a benefit to Australia’s economy and skills shortage. The test that is part of this system creates an objective and transparent selection process by awarding points for attributes and skills that are needed within the country. There are various sub-classes in the visas that the points system has established to ensure that all the applicants have a fair chance to qualify for a visa as long as they can prove their skills and attributes. The pass mark under the points system is currently 60 points. Potential applicants are required to first lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) and then wait for a Letter of Invitation to be issued before their visa applications can be lodged.

How the Points System Works

The pass mark at present is 60 points for the skilled independent, and state sponsored visas. Points are awarded for the following attributes:

  • Age
  • Level of English proficiency
  • Employment history and experience
  • Educational qualifications, including those that are obtained in Australia
  • Community language skills
  • The skills qualifications of a partner
  • Nomination by the territory or state government or sponsorship by a valid family member on certain types of visas

Along with reaching the ‘pass mark’ for the visas and selecting a skilled occupation from the SOL, applicants must meet specific eligibility requirements to earn a visa such as being under fifty-years old, certain character and health requirements and at least, a competent use of the English language. The applicant’s family members also need to meet certain criteria for secondary applicants.

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